Our Business

Glass Works:

• Glass processing like Cutting, Drilling, Polishing, Beveling, Tempering and Heat Strengthening.
• Ceramic fritting, Etching and back painting.
• Glass lamination.
• Sand blasting
• Heat Soaking.
• Fabricate double glazing units (DGU) filled with air, argon etc.
• Structural bonding with shutters.
• Glass curtain wall & mullions.
• Glass Balustrade, Glazed Partition, Glass Guard, Smoke Baffle & Glass Screen.
• Glass Doors, windows and Glass Dividers.
• Glass wall cladding, Escalator cladding & Scenic Elevator.
• Mirror panels for lifts, villas and hotel apartments.
• Glass furnitures like table, shelf & Teapoy.
• Shower partition and doors.

Architectural Metal Works:

• Railings and Balustrades with SS, MS & Aluminium.
• Cladding, ceiling, fins, column cladding, skirting and wall panel with SS, Bronze, Brass and Painted or Powder coated GI and Aluminium.
• Metal Screen, Bollards, Canopies, Louver, Gratings, Grills and Counter – with SS & MS. Fence & Gate with MS and Wrought Iron.
• Aluminium composite panels cladding.
• Perforated wall cladding and Ceiling by SS, GI & Aluminium
• SS & GI Enclosures, fire hose cabinets & battery cabinets

Secondary Steel Works:

• Pergola, Roof structural frame, Shade Sale, Structural Canopy, Sky Light.
• Cat Walk and Ladder, Structural Platform.

Metal Furnitures:

• Metal Chair, Coffee Table, Door Handles Table legs & Shoes.

Metal Doors and windows:

• Non fire rated metal doors and windows in SS, GI & Aluminium.